Let's blossom with all our might

Little Green Bird

Child is holding a lot of dreams and hope to everyone heart.

When we you have become "adult, a freely we can fly the power in your own power! ! We opened the Little Green Bird and with great feelings with. "

So that all of your children and their families can stay with a smile, and intends to proceed step by step and both joined forces.


There are individual differences in the development of children. We will continue to support so that it can support the healthy growth with an emphasis on the following.

Point of Little Green Bird development support


1. I capitalize the "life"

2. force to foster (as their own thing can do as much as possible yourself)

3. I aim the circulation of daily life and day service

4. foster manners for blend in region

5. joint support of the home

6. challenge activities to encourage the development (can have! Praised obtained!
  Overlaid the experience of)


Intervention content

Group Intervention Rythmique intervention to foster cooperation
Using the rhythm to experience the music in the body, nourish the imagination and expressive power, we will continue to the harmony of mind and body to able to produce so. Pull out the spontaneity, "I want to do! "I" want to learn! Increase the number of withdrawals "and it seems experience.
Intervention sensory integration that can be enjoyed through the play
Do the approach by focusing on "feel the sense" of each individual. Locate the sensory stimulation that is suitable for the development of children, we will continue to cherish the "fun" of the child.
You can learn fun in a variety of materials educational-brain training Intervention
Around 3 sense of "see," "hear," "touch" in Ikuno training, and give a stimulus to the child's brain. By using the approach using a picture book-card educational toys, teaching tools, etc. in order to encourage the development, we will encourage the development of synapses that are Megurasa tension between brain cells.
Rehabilitation exercise that you can refresh your body and mind
While children involved, consider the from the body of a mechanism that what if good works to stimulate the where of the brain when you move your body to what wind. To know the child's body, give confidence to be moved fun.
Active participation in local events
Children's Day service is not intended to do only in the facility. We will continue to teach manners and technology for live in the area to children through the implementation and participation of local facilities and shops of aggressive use and events.


Little Green Bird of the day

Child Development Support (preschoolers)

Time Schedule
 Go to pick up children to home
10:00  Start
10:10  Hand wash gargle
10:20  A greeting
10:30  Today's activities
11:30  Break-snack-toothpaste
12:00  Free time
12:30  Clean up, go home preparation
13:00  End
 I go to send a child to home

After school, etc. Day Service (school children)

Time Schedule
 Go to pick up children to home
15:00  Start
15:10  Hand wash gargle
15:20  A greeting
15:30  Today's activities
16:30  Break-snack-toothpaste
17:00  Free time
17:30  Clean up, go home preparation
18:00  End
 I go to send a child to home


Office name Little Green Bird
(Children's Day Service)
Street address Yubinbango901-0243
Okinawa Prefecture Tomigusuku Ueda 525-10