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About Volunteer
Can I volunteer?

Our facility willingly accepts volunteers. Please feel free to inquire.

About Admission
How to be admitted?

Please refer to the person in charge (Ms. Chiyoko Kaneda) for admission   procedures or consult your care manager.

About Service Charge
How much will it cost?

Please see “Service Charge” on our website.

About Employment

Are there any job transfers?

For the purpose of individual's development to expand knowledge and skills and for further job experience in other department section, job transfers will be feasible.

Will you consider my opinion?

Certainly! Do not be hesitated to give your suggestions to us or even to your co-workers (senior, subordinate, etc.). We are open to all opinions and ideas for the improvement of our service quality and the promotion of a healthy working environment.

Are there mid-career recruitments?

Yes. We have many staff who are hired as mid-career employees.

What will be the content of a written exam?

Job exam consists of paragraph composition and job interview. As regards the interview, we will be asking questions about you as basis for your job capability. This will help you analyze if it is the job you are looking for. However, we mainly focus on your sense of values, requiring you to be open to conversation to see if qualified and fit for the required job.

Can I apply for the job even with no license?

We do not particularly focus on your acquired license, educational background, or work experience. What we really value is an individual who can be considerate and compassionate to others. Moreover, there are training programs and workshops on performance improvement for newcomers.

About Welfare Insurance
Are there maternity and child-care leave?

Maternity leave is granted 6 months prior and 8 months after giving birth. The child-care leave, on the other hand, is granted until the child has reached one year of age. There are real cases and most of them are working consistently while raising their children.

How many days will be granted for holidays and annual paid leave?
There will be 8 days off per month (7 days on February). Annual paid leave is to be given to workers who have been employed continuously for 6 months. The number of annual paid leave increases in proportion to staff's length of service:

Years of Service          0.6  1.0 2.0 3.0
Paid Holidays 10   11 12  14

Weddings and Funerals, Child Care and Nursing Care Leave are also available.