Let's blossom with all our might

Kihoku Fureai Plaza Midori Genki Mura

A name has been chosen! ! “Kihoku Fureai (Community) Plaza, Midori Genki Mura (Village)” !!!

On October 2013, The Midori No Sono took over the management of the former Ichinari Elementary School from Kanoya City. The school building is now stationed and being run by our Consultation Office and Helpers’ Station. After raising contributions in relative of becoming familiarized by everyone, a name has been carefully selected among all 195 entries including the pupils of Kihoku Elementary School. The new name is

“Kihoku Fureai (Community) Plaza, Midori Genki Mura (Village)”

We deeply appreciate everyone's generous participation and entries.

We hold various courses such as: “pottery/ceramic arts, shigin, calligraphy, Okinawa sanshin, lectures on history” and other social activities like the “Iki-iki Salon”.
Moreover, we aim to get closer to the local community by reflecting to everyone's opinion in playing an active part in the local community.
Thank you very much for your continuous patronage.