Let's blossom with all our might
 Highland Kihoku Day Center

Our Philosophy Management

We offer warm social and medical services for our customers, to be healthy, happy and full of smiles, in order to blossom with richness of spirit.

Our Policy

•To maintain a healthy and comfortable environment for our customers at all times
•To plan and establish a development program for our staff on fundamental skills of nursing care standards and performance improvement in serving the customer
•To hold a service management system that will be rooted to the public and to provide consistently high quality customer service

Specific Content of the Fundamental Policy

1. Employ the skills and knowledge presented in the customer service training program to ensure that customers are served appropriately

2. Proper deployment of human resources for cost-control

3. To identify and understand the needs suited for each customer by coordinating with relevant care institutions in providing health and medical welfare services

4.To interact and collaborate with the public and other care service establishments in meeting customers' needs

About Multifunctional Long-Term Care in a Small Group Home Service

What is a Multifunctional Long-Term Care in a Small Group Home?

・A multifunctional long-care in a small group home is a home-based service that was established in 2006 with the objective of providing essential support for the elderly people who are in need of high nursing care and enable them to continue the life at home by mainly focusing on “commuting” anytime of the day.

Function of Multifunctional Long-Term Care in a Small Group Home Service
24-7 Round-the-clock Service

•Day Care….The general basic of a small-scale multifunctional service is to “commute/visit”. Familiar staff will assist you in your needs with compassion and at the same time, provide flexible services for your family’s convenience.

•Home-visit….Unlike conventional home helping service, our staff will make visitations to your home to ensure your safety and attend to other needs during off-time in the “commuting service”.

•Overnight-stay….When living at home becomes difficult due to health condition or personal reasons, we provide accommodations 24-7 with staff you are familiar with.

•Management….We aim to establish a good relationship with our customers, families, and the local residents. We create a suitable care plan and to provide total support with the coordination of relevant medical and welfare institutions.

•Interregional exchange….In order for you to maintain a peaceful and secure living in the community where you are resided to, we strive to engage ourselves in social activities and hope to be the mediator in bridging you and the public.

Highland Kihoku Day Center Description

Highland Kihoku Day Center Description

Registered User:25
1-day Commuter:15
1-day Stay-in: 9

[Service Charge]
※Flat-rate / month
Care Level 1 \11,505
Care Level 2 \16,432
Care Level 3 \23,439
Care Level 4 \25,765
Care Level 5 \28,305

Breakfast \200
Lunch \450
Dinner \350

▪Accommodation Fee / Night \2,000

※We charge additional fee for personal commodities.


Address:鹿屋市輝北町市成2124 番地1

■霧島市、都城市方面からのアクセス 国道10号線を牧之原信号より国道504号線へ 牧之原信号から約15分。

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