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Midori No Sono Home Helper Station

Struggling with daily tasks alone? We can help!
Let us take care of your needs.

Address: 1177 Ichinari, Kihoku-chō
                Kanoya City, Kagoshima 899-8511
TEL: 099-485-1185

Services Offered 

Physical Assistance

Eating Assistance · Excretion Assistance · Dressing/Undressing Assistance · Bathing Assistance
· Mobility (positioning/moving) Assistance · Bed Bath Assistance · Health Check

Life Support Assistance

Cooking (Plan and prepare meals suited for you) · Laundry · Repairs · Cleaning · Organizing · Shop for groceries and supplies


Consultation service (daily life, care needs, living environment) and mental care support

We use special bathing device for persons who are confined to bed in their homes. It is made of a rubber material that is safe to use.

Here's one of our home helper service cars.

Specific Health Examination

We prioritize the needs of our customers and their families in providing a quality life by coordinating with our relevant facilities like the Midori Meisei Clinic, Care Service, and the entire facility in general.

With the growing population of elderly people nowadays, more and more are receiving long-term care service to assist them in their daily routine activities. Meanwhile, a majority of us would still prefer to receive care that gives us the sense of “living at home”, hence, we strive to provide the best care in improving your functional limitations and be able to live with greater independence while staying at your home.