Let's blossom with all our might

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Greetings from the President

"Let's blossom with all our might"


Our Management Philosophy

“Let’s blossom with all our might”

People are wonderful if they have dignity and richly bloom until the end.

  Our mission is “to create a happy life by conducting contributions to the society while we stick through welfare services for the elderly people in Kihoku-chō.” To put in other words, no matter how hard those physical disabilities due to persistent diseases and sickness are, or even become severe like maladjustments advancing to dementia, we are here to help our customers live out their lives until the very end.
Since 1988, Kōtokukai Midori No Sono has been engaged in providing a variety of medical treatments and welfare services for the elderly people consistently in our Geriatric Welfare Home for the Aged, Day Service, In-Home Care Support Center, Home Helping Services, Clinic, Outpatient Rehabilitation Center, Group Home, etc., expanding the business based on management concept as mentioned earlier. The newly established Multifunctional Long-Term Care in Small Group Home Service is an all-in-one (day care, home-visit, and overnight-stay) group home and community-based facility offering services to elderly people who may require nursing care, yet prefer to live at home. In the case where daily activities become a great deal, we visit them 24-7 to ensure their health and to satisfy their needs.
This Multifunctional Long-Term Care in a Small Group Home of combined service may bring double or triple merit to beneficiaries and their families with the social resources and full coordination of the local community. This means, we recognize this as an ideal and significant service in the regional comprehensive care. However, we are not particular about number and scale, but rather particular in the quality of service we offer.

  Our company, Midori No Sono is committed to achieve sustainable growth by conducting a continuous improvement for the progress of our caregiving services. In 2003, we acquired the ISO 9001 certification on Quality Management. For an immediate correspondence to the needs of our various customers’ complaints, demands, and opinions, we applied and gained the ISO 10002 certification on Customer Satisfaction and Complaints Handling in 2010. After two years, 2012, we have received the ISO 29990 certification on Education and Training. Basic Requirements for Service Providers for giving importance to the principle of providing good nursing care service and developing good quality social worker.

  Our most recent authentication from the BSI is the ISO 14001 certification on Environmental Management for the purpose of enhancing the company and improving the quality of social services. We are the world’s first to hold these four certifications in the entire healthcare industry. In this regard, we consider ourselves to have one of the most dignified accomplishments in this field. Nonetheless, there is great satisfaction in watching this vision become reality, we do not stop offering high quality services. As we continue to seek excellence, we devote and make every endeavor not only for yesterday, but today, tomorrow, and in the coming years ahead.
Our primary goal as regards the regional comprehensive care is to instill a sense of well-being to all individuals involved. In relation to this, we believe that happiness can be achieved by fostering mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and their families who are receiving care, the local residents utilizing our facility center, and our caregiving staff and their family members.
With the present long-term care insurance system, there is no significant difference between an excellent service and a poor service for the nursing care benefits will still be the same. If that’s the case, then we rather believe in “making the most out of our skills in providing the best nursing care service.”

We will continue to engage ourselves in providing excellent services as being the core of elderly people’s facility through implementing a healthcare that targets the unification of sanitation and health, medical treatment, and welfare in supporting our local residents.

Dr. Kazuhiro Yoshimoto

Our Management Philosophy

We offer warm social and medical service for our customers, to be healthy, happy, and full of smiles, in order to blossom with richness of spirit.

Our Vision for Midori No Sono

  1. 1.To create a facility where our customers would think “I’m so happy I came here” as they live out their last days.
  2. 2.To create a facility where the staffs are happy to work with enthusiasm toward a clear goal.
  3. 3.To create a facility where the staff would feel like saying “I want my parents to come here” and “I would like to come here, too, when I’m older.”
  4. 4.To create a facility where our customers can live life their own way, comfortably.
  5. 5.To create a facility where our customers and staff can form a trusting relationship as they begin to think with the same mind.
  6. 6.To create a facility that will act as a medical base for the local residents, customers, and staff.

Our Course of Action

  1. 1.We will assist customers with their daily life in order for them to spend their last days with smile.
  2. 2.We will create a clean and friendly environment, and we will respond to the needs of the customers.
  3. 3.Our nursing care, while resembling the warming care of your family, will provide support with the goal of self-reliance whenever possible.
  4. 4.We will also offer in-home care for those who wish to live in their own homes, peacefully, and without worry.
  5. 5.We want to create a facility where local residents feel welcome.
  6. 6.We will also strive to be the place where local residents can find medical information, learn about prevention of disease, and receive treatment and rehabilitation.
  7. 7.We will be the network that connects all the medical care in the region.

March 25, 2005
Social Welfare Corporation KŌTOKUKAI
President Kazuhiro Yoshimoto

The 4 Policies

Safety and Health Policy

We secure safety and health of workers in workplace, as well as to facilitate the establishment of comfortable working environment and prevention of industrial accidents.
March 25, 2005
Social Welfare Corporation KŌTOKUKAI

President Kazuhiro Yoshimoto
 Financial Policy

We carry out profit increase in public service and cost control, and secure different purposes in: personnel expenditures, repairs, equipments/supplies, remodeling for financial reserve.
March 25, 2005
Social Welfare Corporation KŌTOKUKAI

President Kazuhiro Yoshimoto
Dealing with Grievances Policy

We gather input, as appropriate, from every person concerned including staff, customers, visitors, and the local community regarding matters affecting the operation of the facility with the aim of resolving complaints fairly without bias.
In addition, not to mention the legal compliance, we expend sufficient financial resources including adequate staff training and active involvement of the manager for continuous performance improvement.
April 1, 2010
Social Welfare Corporation KŌTOKUKAI

President Kazuhiro Yoshimoto
Environmental Policy

  As we offer warm social and medical service for our customers, we are also committed to being environmentally responsible in promoting pollution prevention, to continually work in preserving and improving its impact on the environment, and to hand down the “heart” of Midori No Sono (Management Philosophy) to the next generation.
With the enforcement and continuous improvement of Environmental Management, we are committed to encouraging environmental responsibility in our staff in an effort to provide quality healthcare service as well as to create a framework of a comfortable and efficient working environment.
We incorporate actions into facility planning to reduce environmental vulnerabilities in:

  1. 1.Minimizing the use of energy and natural resources

・Promotion of resource conservation (fuel, carbon dioxide emissions reduction, water and power saving)
・Promotion of segregation, proper management, and recycling of waste
・Maintenance of comfortable living environment of customers by promoting 5S
・Participation in community cleaning activity

  1. 2.We adopt the latest information for the improvement of environmental program in welfare and healthcare service environmental activity
  2. 3.Practicing infection control for the protection of health and safety of individual in the facility
4.Compliance with all applicable environmental, legal, and other requirements we agreed to

We publicize this policy to the staff and to all people working in the facility, generally announced widely through printed matter or on our website.
January 4, 2014
Social Welfare Corporation KŌTOKUKAI

President Kazuhiro Yoshimoto

History of KŌTOKUKAI

Social Welfare Corporation KŌTOKUKAI
Date Founded
December 18, 1987
Geriatric Welfare Home for the Elderly MIDORI NO SONO Established in September 1988
Short Stay for Long-term Welfare Care Established in September 1988
Day Service Center Established in October 1988
In-home Care Support Center
(Kihoku In-home Care Support General Center)
Established in March 1996
Local Welfare for the Elderly
(Kihoku In-home Care Support Center)

Established in March 1996

Home Help Service Established in January 1997
Midori Meisei Clinic Established in April 1999
Home Care for Person with Physical Disabilities Service Established in April 2003
ISO 9001 : 2000 Certification Acquired in June 2003
Extension of New Building (20 additional beds) Established in April 2005
Midori Meisei Clinic Outpatient Rehabilitation Center Established in May 2007
Child Daycare Center PiccoloEstablished in July 2007
Corporate House Ichinari No Sato
(Group Home)
Established in September 2008
ISO 10002 : 2004 Certification Acquired in June 2010
Extension of Short-stay Service Section
(3 additional beds)
July 2010
ISO 29990 : 2010 Certification - acquired
Tsuneyoshi Nichirinkan
(Satellite Day Service) Established

August 2012

April 2013

Office of Multifunctional Long-Term Care in a Small Group Home
Highland Kihoku Day Center
Residential Type Private Retirement Homes Ichinari No Hibiki

Established in August 2014

Housing type nursing home offered in August 2014
Children's club green After School offered in April 2015
Nursing staff teacher induction training business offered in April 2015
Our Service Outline

Long-term Care Welfare Facility MIDORI NO SONO
  (Capacity: 70 «which includes: 20 in  the unit») (Short-term Capacity: 11)
Day Service Center Midori No Sono (35)
Kihoku In-home Care Support Center
Kihoku In-home Care Support General Center (In-home Care Service)
Home Helper Station Midori No Sono
Midori Meisei Clinic
Corporate House Ichinari No Sato (Group Home)   (9)
Child Day-care Piccolo Dome
Outpatient Rehabilitation Center   (40)

Tsuneyoshi Nichirinkan (Satellite Day Service)   (40)
Our Objective

The purpose of our facility is to care and nurture by considering the needs and honoring the dignity of our customers requiring various types of services to be able to lead a social life and to promote self-reliance in thus improving their welfare through embracing changes and seeking new opportunities to serve.


2121-3 Ichinari, Kihoku-chō, Kanoya City, Kagoshima Prefecture

Disclosure of Financial Information

Social Welfare Corporation KŌTOKUKAI will be publicizing various information updates for the purpose of our service improvement.

[2015] ・Balance Sheet, Fund Income and Expenditure Calculation List, Operation Income and Expenditure Check

[2014] ・Balance Sheet, Fund Income and Expenditure Calculation List, Operation Income and Expenditure Check