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Training Authority Information

Institute of Information and

Social welfare corporation Hiroshitoku-kai
Kagoshima Prefecture Kanoya Kihoku, Kagoshima Ichinari address 2121 3
Yoshimoto Kazuhiro
Green garden care staff teacher induction training
Officer Matsuki Tadami (facility length)

Training Authority Information

Care Retirement home green garden
Kagoshima Prefecture Kanoya Kihoku, Kagoshima Ichinari address 2121 3
Management philosophy (Quality Policy)
Welfare with the warmth and a medical care service are offered the users are healthy and brim over with a smiling face, and to make a flower of time bloom in whether it's heart Yutaka.
Upbringing of the human resources who participate in human services in the old society at present is desired.
While a senior citizen who needs nursing increases based on a management idea, and needs of a nursing staff are increasing, it'll be an entrance to a way aiming at qualification acquisition and a care manager to be able to help you for nursing at a way, an area and a house of entering of facilities and to be able to use it at home aiming at acquisition of nursing technology in the area, and the nursing staff who can contribute to a future welfare society is trained.
Training location
Kihoku petting Plaza green Genki Village (formerly Ichinari elementary school school building use)
Kagoshima Prefecture Kanoya Kihoku, Kagoshima Ichinari 1177 address
TEL: 099-485-1185

Training business information

Overview of training


Up to the time of completion does not matter the age, sex, and more healthy both physically and mentally that seriously can attend

Tuesday course July 17, 2018 - December 25, 2018
Thursday course July 12, 2018 - December 20, 2018
<The 1st 6 hours, the whole process 130 hours>

Each course 20 people leader (lecturer) 13 persons placed

Flow of up to training courses

Wanted start

June 2018 - website and public relations magazine Smile regional off-talk leverage

Attendance procedures Until [recruitment period] course start 1 month ago - the day before the start of
Cost Tuition 65,000 yen text cost 5,400 yen
In the case of commissioned training without tuition (separate text fee)
2,000 yen fee by supplementary classes (after offered, you can not return once delivered has been training costs)

Message to the Notes, features and students

Enrollment period, I be within 8 months from the start of the month. (However in the case of the cease finished not reason, within one year and six months)

The person who tries to receive a part exemption of *** training, to an enterpriser, "introduction course training exemption wish" and.
Please submit "nursing business engagement certificate".

When *** participant absented himself, supplementary lectures are performed.
Repair of a lecture and in case of a practice-relevant curriculum. When it's an identical curriculum, I take the same item lesson by the item and the class unit.
When being different in a curriculum, I attend a lecture by the subject unit.

Inform others of the personal information for the participant who could know by *** business operation recklessly or it's in the unfair purpose.
It isn't used.

The loss of *** finish certificate and the damaged occasion are confirmed by a finish person register, and whether a request person is the person himself.
After checking it sufficiently, it's reissued. It isn't reissued by name change.

Course responsible

Course organized responsible Matsuki Tadami
Care Retirement home green garden facility length

Training curriculum

Subjects by syllabus
Lecture format (usually 1 instructor staff members) (including group work case exercises)
Subjects by professors name
The described in another 添様 equation 13
Subjects by Features
By using a lecture format, group work, case studies, while performing a description and discussion, will continue to expand so that it can be considered.

Completion evaluation

How to complete the evaluation, the evaluator, criteria for re-FukuOsamu-to
After course completion, I complete by written test evaluation (about 1 hour).
●Accreditation criteria 100-point scale A = 90 points or more B = 80 ~ 89 points C = 70 ~ 79 points D = less than 70 points (C or more of students certified as meeting the evaluation criteria)

●The learning evaluation criteria by instructor(A ~ D division Evaluation) (I is a person who has reached a certain level that of A and B)
 A = basic nursing care (assistance) can be accurately
 B = basic nursing care (assistance) can be roughly
 C = technology is insufficient
 D = is not possible at all

Training facility

Training institutions and personnel

Care Retirement home green garden Eihama Yoshiro
With dementia cohabitation care Niihara HikariTakashi
Day care establishments green garden Tatsu-moto Kazuyuki
Visit nursing office green garden Yoshimizu Akemi

Overview of long-term care insurance business
Please see the other links
Feature of the training program content, program
In actual care field, is passed through the flow of the day, referring to the fact that you have learned in lectures and group work, while receiving advice from training leaders and staff, in training staff, actually performed caring for (assistance) Through the training, experience the flow of the day.
Leadership and content in training (look back and practical training guidance, etc.)
At the facility within each office, while watching the way of care situation and care in the field of personnel (assistance), actually do care a (assistance) in the leader of the advice of the original. While learning performs the practice, referring to the fact that you have learned in lectures and group work, with advice from the leader staff, it is possible to experience and practical training the flow of the day, it is possible to cope with the business in the future of the nursing field personnel I will foster and train.
The total number of people in cooperation training institutions

160 people × 2 times = total 320 people


Lecturer information

Green garden care workers teacher induction training

Name Qualification Incumbent Biography
Matsuki Tadami Care worker Care Retirement home green garden facility length Care workers get 7 years
Eihama Yoshiro

Care worker

Care manager
Facilities Services Department director

Care workers get history 8 years

'27 Specialist qualification update

Nishikawa Akemi

Care worker
Care manager

Social worker

Consultation support office

Comprehensive sub-support chief

Care workers get history 9 years
Qualification '29 update

Social workers get 10 years

Kaneda Chiyoko


Care manager

Home service director

Consultation support business director

Nurse acquisition history '30

'27 Specialist qualification update

Niihara HikariTakashi Care worker Facility care office chief Care workers get history 6 years
Tatsu-moto Kazuyuki Care worker Facility care office chief Care workers get history '13
Murakawa Noriko

Care worker

Care manager

Facility care establishments

Counseling and Support Chief

Care workers get 15 years

Specialist qualification '25 update

Water flow Hiroaki Licensed practical nurse Green Myojo clinic nurse Qualification history '37
Yoshimizu Akemi Care worker Visit nursing care business director Care workers get history '14
Hamada Saori Dental hygienist

Facilities Services Department

Oral care instructor

Dental hygienist acquisition history '21
Kuwazu Hayabusa occupational therapist Facility Service Department
Function Trainee
Occupational therapist acquisition history 8 years
Naotani Maruta Long-Term Care Support Specialist General manager of Kumamoto Office Specialist qualification renewal 8 years updated
Manzuku Chizuru nurse Midori Akeishi clinic nurse supervisor Care Worker's Acquisition History 15 Years